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CESAM - 11ème Rendez-Vous PARISMAT

Cesam annual Rendez – vous annuel international 2019 PARISMAT has been grown to global international conference covering

Maritime – Aviation - Transportation. Conference was held this year on 14th and 15th of May.   

Attending delegates – over 600


Krogius was represented in the event by Ms. Sirje Lubi from Lars Krogius Baltic. 


1st session was dedicated to brexit related issues

2nd session covered insurance and sanctions, including natcat insurance

3rd session focused on innovative technology, with focus to drones and smart ships

4th session topic was about globalization and diversity

Final word to close the conference was given to Mr. Richard Turner, president of IUMI.

By him – Brexit is an opportunity.



Great event again in the facsinating city of Paris!