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Krogius Participating in the TMN Survey Group Annual Meeting 2018 in Lyon, France

Krogius colleagues Jurijs Tatarinovs from Latvia, Margo Pukk from Russia, Kari Laakso from Finland and Maxym Kostiuchenko from Ukraine represented Krogius and their countries in Lyon during annual meeting of members of the TMN Survey Group. The Group unites professional surveying companies acting within the whole of Europe and in most parts of the world. Open and professional relations within the TMN Group make it real and possible delivering clients high-quality services truly worldwide.


It has been a real pleasure to visit Lyon this spring weekend and meet old and new members of the TMN Survey Group, which are warmly welcomed by all members. We would like to sincerely thank AM Group for hospitality and a great organization of the meeting. Some separate thanks go to Mr. Jean-Christophe MARTIN for a great job done on behalf of hosting party.


Our additional appreciations and thanks to TMN guests Frédéric DENEFLE from CESAM, Dr. Markus Boner from Agroisolab GmbH and Bernadett Gyarmati from Weser Quality Solutions GmbH for valuable presentations and educational information during seminars.


It is a real privilege to be part of the TMN Survey Group. Looking forward meeting all colleagues during the next meeting in 2019.