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Highlights of the year 2018 at Krogius Group

Before we start to review operation of the new year 2019, let’s have a look at few highlights of the year 2018 at Krogius Group: 


Staff members completed several training courses and examinations!

We have new colleagues on board!

New nominations from the insurance industry as correspondent / survey agent / claims adjuster!

Expansion of our appointment in Lloyd’s Agent Helsinki which now covers the whole Republic of Finland!

Number of Marine Survey cases increased from 1140 to 1398 cases!

Number of Motor Claims handled increased, especially in the Baltics States almost 50% more claims completed!

Financial results improved a lot compared to 2017!

Moving offices, mergers and planned re-organization was completed!

June celebration and client event in Helsinki was great success!


We have kicked-off the New Year with positive drive on several projects in relation to brand essence and values, efficiency and quality, synergies and cooperation! And of course with many interesting cases to be handled!


See you next June in our seminar & client event in Tallinn!



Hanna Kivelä,

Managing Director

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